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Now you can also become

a EU or UK landlord

Invest easily in affordable buy-to-let European property developments
and earn secure and impressive offshore returns.

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Why an affordable offshore asset secures your financial future.

The world is an uncertain place right now. But some places are more certain than others. Now that low interest mortgage finance is readily available in very buoyant European property markets, its wise, affordable, and easy to gear an offshore property investment to generate a dependable foreign income – and protect the solid returns you’ll earn. Our clients have relied on us for safe and solid offshore revenue for years. Trust us to do the same for you. Act now. While the door is still open.

Our turnkey property investment service is the key to easy offshore residential property investment.

With years of international property development, property financing and lease management experience under our belt, we’re expert at slashing the complexity out of property investment deals. Pick from our suite of services to make it easy to invest in any prime European property.

The Property

Depend on us to link you to a property development that fits your investment needs and budget, broker the deal and do all your paperwork.

The Tenant

Rely on us to source and accredit a trustworthy tenant, conclude the lease agreement, and coordinate payments.

The Relationship

Trust us to conduct and document thorough tenant check-ins and check-outs to safeguard your asset. We also manage the tenant relationship for you.

The Deposit

To comply with UK legislation, we secure and place the tenants deposit with an approved deposit protection agency.

The Laws

On our watch, your rented property will comply with the countries property legislation, property standards and safety regulations.

The Tax

We’ll help you to plan to makeyour investment tax effective and attendto your tax returns.

Your property investment is in safe hands

We’re an investment property specialist.
The Property Investment Group established in 2001 to supply a turnkey offshore property investment service that makes it easy for local investors to buy international property.

Our wealth of experience protects you.
Over the many years, we’ve successfully completed x developments and transferred ownership to x investors. Our experience and expertise ensure your offshore property transaction is seamless and risk free.

We do our homework.
Each of our development locations is well researched by experts to ensure they’re all in sustainably high- demand areas. All our developments are strategically situated close to high speed rail services and other essential amenities so they’re always popular.

We’re backed by big players.
Our partnership with 7 well established and reputable property developers across the UK and EU ensures that every development we represent and manage is trustworthy and solid.

What our clients say

3 easy steps to explore investment options with us (There are no obligations.)


Simply connect with us so that an experienced investment consultant can explore your investment priorities, concerns, and preferences and tailor some thoughts to suit you.


We’ll help to identify best-fit options to suit your pocket and crunch all the numbers to ensure you get a full business case for investing in an offshore development that works for you.


Where you’re ready, we’ll do the paperwork to finance and buy your property option. Then we’ll implement the agreed plan and keep you posted until the keys are ready for handover.